Harada Nozomi
※Price would be different depending on the stylist

【Make you beautiful more than before】


I worked for a company for 3 years after graduating from university.

I then start my career as a hairdresser at the age of 28.

After working at a hair salon in Aoyama, and New York, I found New York Dry Cut and worked at flagship salon,「WORKS」

New York Dry Cut creates a hair design without a thining process and works with any type of hair condition.

You can style easily by only hand dry.

New York Dry Cut is for any type of hair texture and it helps your hair to be beautiful and natural.

When I work with the customer, I  spend time consulting properly before cutting.

Then, when we have a clear vision of the best hair design, I start cutting hair.

I guarantee a good experience and to be able to find the best-suited style for you.

New York Dry Hair Cut 


Female ¥11000 
Male ¥8800 
School children
(elementary to high school)
Younger than elementary ¥3300 
Bangs ¥1100 


Hair Color 


Roots touch up ¥7700 
Full color(short) ¥8800 
Full color(medium) ¥9350
Full color(long) ¥9900

※Only color service will be charged ¥2200 for shampoo and blow


Hair Manicure

Roots touch up ¥8800
Full color(short) ¥9350
Full color(midium) ¥9900
Full color (long) ¥10450



Point(highlights/lowlights) ¥5500〜
Short ¥8800
Medium ¥9900
Long ¥11000




Point perm ¥3850〜6600
Short ¥7700
Medium ¥8800
Long ¥9900

※Only perm service will be charged ¥2200 for shampoo and blow-dry


Straight perm

Short ¥7700
Medium ¥8800 
Long ¥9900


Japanese straightening

Bangs ¥7700
Face line ¥8800 
Roots touch up ¥17600
Short ¥17600
Medium ¥19800
Long ¥22000


Other services


Short ¥4400
Medium ¥5500
Long ¥6600