Are you thinking about going to have a smoothing service?

If so why don’t you try our permanent organic smoothing instead of keratin, regular smoothing, and straightening?

Here are some tips about permanent organic smoothing treatment.

What is Organic smoothing treatment?

Organic smoothing treatment is an innovative way to safely and permanently transform coarse, frizzy, and curly hair to smooth, straight, and shiny hair.

There has never been anything like it before.

Organic formula suspends the Internal Textural ‘Memory’ of the sulfur bonds and safely transforms it, giving the hair a soft and sensual look and feel.

Organic smoothing treatment is a low pH formula that contains no harsh chemicals, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, or Sulfur, and can be used safely on all clients. Unlike all type of straighteners,

Organic smoothing treatment is an advanced formula that poses no health risks and preserves the integrity of the hair.

Organic smoothing treatment is gentle and safe. It is the only smoothing treatment that is shampooed out of the hair before it is straightened with an iron, eliminating vapors and polluting chemicals during the heating process.

‏After treatment, you can color or even highlight your hair immediately after treatment!

There is no need to switch to any special hair products, just keep using your own.

‏All of this is possible with organic smoothing treatment because the hair remains strong since the sulfur bonds have not been broken in the process but rather underwent a permanent change, for a permanent smooth, straight, and shiny hair.

Organic smoothing treatment is the new generation in smoothing that is a game-changer for clean salons and a life changer for salon clients.

We have 2type of smoothing service

Organic quick smoothing Organic smoothing treatment
Hours 1〜2hours 3〜4hours
Lasting about 2 month about 6 month
Going back to natural hair as much as you shampoo your hair Permanent smoothing
Price ¥16500〜 ¥38500〜
Recommend  Make styling easy
Volume down
Make your hair manageable
Want to make hair shiny
Work with bleached hair
Make natural straight hair
Want to straight without damage
Make your hair manageable
Want to make hair shiny
Work with bleached hair

Are your products are formaldehyde-free

Permanent organic smoothing treatment is an in-hair process and is 100% rinsed off the hair before using the flat iron.

Therefore, does not release dangerous smoke. The treatment does NOT coat the hair with any aldehydes or chemicals that form into formaldehyde as it is PERMANENT and it will not break down or devolves no matter what shampoo you use, how often you work-out or swim at the pool.

Hair will be completely straightened and nutrients.

Is it possible to use curling iron after the treatment?

After treated with the Permanent organic smoothing treatment, hair can be designed with or even without hot tools.

You can design your hair with a curling iron, dough braiding your hair will leave it wavy until the next wash.

The treatment improves the results of other hair straightening techniques, nourishes, and helps it rebuild.

How much is organic smoothing treatment service?

Organic quick smoothing Organic smoothing treatment
Price ¥16500〜  ¥38500〜

If you like to know the exact price please send us a message with your current hair picture by mail, contact form, or Instagram message.

How long does an organic smoothing treatment last?

Most of the smoothing treatment lasts 1 to 2 months.

But permanent organic smoothing last 3 to 5 month.

Organic quick smoothing Organic smoothing treatment
Lasting around 2month  around 6month

Before and After

You will see how our customer’s hair amazingly changed.

This will happen to your hair and help your lifestyle.

What is the process of Organic smoothing treatment?

  1. Consultation
  2. Pre-shampoo
  3. Dry 80%
  4. Apply solution
  5. leave it 20 to 40 min with heating and 20min with naturally(Total 40min)
  6. Rinse out and put conditioner
  7. Dry 100%
  8. Flat iron
    ※no ironing process with quick smoothing
  9. Finish(Styling)
    Rinse out and recheck (Only first time)

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