Hi everyone.

It’s almost winter season so we start Gift Card service.

Please present this to one of your favorite friends or family.


How to buy a gift card?

Firstly please go to the website.

And pick a card from the first picture(red circle)

Then, Please chose how much you like to charge on the card.

After that put your name on the left box and put your friend’s name on the right box.

Then put a tick on the square box.

Then put your friend’s name and mail address.

If you have a message you can add it to the box.

The last one is when you like to send a gift card to your friend.

You can choose now or another specific date.


Choose ¥5000 when you would like to give TOKIO treatment.
¥9800 is for men’s hair cut and head spa.

Original price
TOKIO treatment includes shampoo and blow-dry.
Hair cut and Head Spa

Gift Cards can only be redeemed in Borderless salon with Stylist Taichi .
Gift cards cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.
Gift Cards expire 2021/6/31