What’s is Borderless salon

Stylists at Borderless Salon have experience in Tokyo, New York, London, and provide quality service to our customers.

We have carefully selected quality products and chemicals from around the world.

Our motto is not merely to follow trends, but to offer and to create an individual style best suit for our customer that makes them more beautiful and elegant.

English speaking hairdresser

All of our hairdressers are trained or worked overseas and speak English fluently.

We understand the value of being able to communicate well in order to create the best hair design.

Foreigner friendliness

70% of our customers are non-Japanese.

Our customers understand that our technique and service quality is of the standard of New York and London.

Not only are we English speaking, our strength is that we understand people of different ethnicities and nationalities prefer different designs.

We can suggest the best hair design for each customer and also have the ability to make the design a reality.


International hair salon

Our goal is to make Borderless Salon the most popular international hair salon in Tokyo and to make all of our customers happy.

In the future when many more foreigners visit and stay in Japan, hair maintenance will become an issue for them.

Borderless Salon can be the best place for them to upkeep their hair and support them through various changes.