Are you looking for a good Hair Salon in Tokyo with a hairdresser that has experience with foreign hair as Asian, European, caucasian hair type?

The borderless salon is the best place for you and we provide the best products (color and perm) and experienced hairdressers.

Best Tokyo hair cut service

The hair cut is the most common hair service and hair texture is different depending on nationality.

Some customer is straight but other is curly, kinky or dry hair type.

Our hairdresser experience working in NYC and Tokyo for a long time and had many customers from all over the world.

We are available any type of hair texture and create the best hair design for each of them

Best Hairdresser Tokyo

Our hairdresser has worked in NYC and they know how to work with foreign hair types.

They have many customers when they were working in NYC and learned many things about hair texture, hair design and communication skill,s and color, and straightening skills.

They are strong in any type of hair service as cut, color, perm, and straightening service.

English speaking hair salon Tokyo

There are many English-speaking hair salons in Tokyo.

Many hairdressers go to study abroad or stay outside of the country for some experience.

It’s not a real English-speaking hair salon.

But what about a borderless salon?

We speak fluent English and experience working abroad for a long team.

The reason why our hairdresser knows how to work on foreign hair type and be able to good consultation with customers.

International hair salon Tokyo

The borderless salon is an International hair salon and 50% of customers are foreigners.

They are loyal customers and they believe in our technique and our customer service.

Once you visit our salon you will see borderless salon is one of the best places in Tokyo

Best Balayage highlights service in Tokyo

We have many customers visit us to get balayage highlights service.

Balayage highlights are one of difficult service and if a stylist has less experience your hair will be mess up after hair has been done.

We hear that many customers went to other international hair salons and got the wrong hair color and it’s not what the customer expected.

The color of the design is different depending on the country and each customer.

Firstly we focus on taking good consultation with the customer and listen what they want and we advise them which color is best for customers.

To create target color We approach different types of color technic depends on the color.

If you like to get nice balayage highlights borderless is the best place.

Best Hair straightening and keratin treatment in Tokyo

Are you curly or kinky hair?

If so we are strong in straightening and smoothing service.

We provide Japanese straightening and organic smoothing treatment as well.

In New York, the Japanese straightening service is very popular and we used to work 3 straightenings every day.

That’s why we can make any type of hair to be straight hair.

And now smoothing service is very common in New York because many people had highlights or color often.

Our organic smoothing is natural and lasting longer.

This is only you can get at Borderless salon.

Foreigner friendly hair salon Tokyo

The borderless salon is not just good at hair service.

We used to work abroad so we know how difficult things to live in other countries.

Different food and culture and other things too.

We know how you feel living in Japan so we try our best customer service for each customer for making them comfortable.

best hair salon Tokyo

We are sure that Borderless salon is the Best hair salon in Tokyo.

If you are looking for a hair salon please try our salon once.

We try our best and make you amazingly beautiful and happy.

If you like to have a consultation please send us an mail.

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